If you’ve tried a couple of sex toys then you’ll be accustomed to the variety. Needless to say, there are some strange shapes and sizes that can make anyone question their true purpose and whether they actually generate any pleasure. This article takes it one step further. This is a look at the most creative sex toys that are available. It’s a mystery how popular they are, but they are obtainable for those who really want to step into the more interesting side of sexuality.

The Musical Condom

We start with the most innovative condom to hit the market. If your partner isn’t making enough noise during sex then this condom will create some motivation. It comes with motion sensors that pick up the speed of the intercourse. The tiny sensors are connected to a small speaker at the tip of the condom which plays louder and faster as the action becomes louder and faster. Quite honestly, it sounds like a whole lot of fun, especially if you want to annoy the neighbors even more. However, the condom isn’t reusable and it’s not exactly cheap.

The Accommodator

The design is so basic and straightforward that instructions won’t be necessary. It has a dual purpose in addition to making a lot of sense. Introducing the accommodator, sex toys beware. It comes in the shape of a normal dildo with straps, but instead of getting tied around the waist, the dildo is positioned on the chin. The mouth area is still open to provide oral pleasure while the chin dildo handles the penetration part. It’s so simple it’s brilliant.

Area 51 Love Doll

If your fantasy has always been to have sex with a purple alien then this is your chance. She is a true outsider in the world of sex toys and she simply goes by the name of Area 51 Love Doll. As you may have anticipated, she has three breasts and three glory holes. Compared to the sophisticated sexbots available, she might seem a little boring. Nevertheless, she won’t cost nearly as much and she doesn’t talk back.

I Rub My Duckie

It looks like a typical bathroom toy, all yellow and dressed in red. In fact, it looks like something a mom buys for the baby to squeeze in the tub. This illusion is created on purpose, because the purpose of this vibrator is to be discreet. As far as design goes, it’s not very attractive, but nobody will suspect anything. It just wouldn’t make sense. The manufacturers guarantee that bath time will never be the same again when I Rub My Duckie is waiting for you.

A Whale Penis

This is a dildo of a different kind. It’s a replica of what a whale penis looks like when called to attention. Make no mistake; the size is intimidating for both men and women. If you have to try it then get more than enough lube to make it easier, because the tip isn’t very thick but nearing the base it gets pretty large.

Vibrator Sets

Happy Hoppers

Another toy that has been incorporated into the sex toys universe is the Happy Hopper. Most people will recognize the design rather quickly. It’s a big ball with a smiley face and two handles to hold on to while you bounce and laugh. For the Happy Hopper a distinctive extra handle was added and it looks very similar to a dildo, although the bubbles in the middle suggest a mix between a dildo and a butt plug.

The Auto Suck

The name doesn’t even try to playfully cover-up the purpose of the Auto Suck. It’s long device that resembles an arm and a hand. The difference is that the hand is actually a silicone vagina. The Auto Suck simply plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car then starts sucking. It might not be the best idea to use it while driving.


There you have some of the most creative and interesting sexy toys to look out for while surfing the web. Chances are slim that they will make it big, but for a certain audience that would like to break away from conventional sex toys https://sextoys.ie they are definitely the pinnacle of exploration. They are by no means the only creative toys out there, but they prove the point that there is no lack of creativity once you set your mind to something.